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How Microsoft is Improving Default App Setup in Windows 11

March 19, 2023
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With the release of Windows 11 this year, Microsoft has received unavoidable criticism in regards to how the system handles app defaults. Whereas with Windows 10 users had an easier handle on customizing the system, with Windows 11 the process has been made more complex with the length of time it takes to change default apps, specifically for clicking on webpages and PDFs. Microsoft is realising its mistakes and is aiming to provide users with more control and choice.

On Friday, via Bleeping Computer, Microsoft posted a blog discussing that they are “reaffirming our long-standing approach to put people in control of their Windows PC experience”. To do this, they are introducing a new deep link uniform resource identifier (URI) to be released later this year, which will direct users to the right part of the settings menu to change default apps by file and link type.

Not only this, but with the help of a public API, users will now have more control over which apps are pinned to their desktop, start menu and taskbar as they will be prompted to allows these apps permission before appearing in view. Both of these features will be coming to Windows Insider Dev channel before then rolling out to the public version of Windows 11. To illustrate the point of more control and choice, Microsoft said it will “lead by example” and incorporate these features when releasing Edge updates.

Ultimately, this is a big step in the right direction for Microsoft in regards to providing more choice and control for Windows 11 users to find what works for them. It is great to have the assurance that these features will be available soon, allowing users more freedom in customizing their Windows 11 experience.

What do you think about Microsoft’s improvements in app defaults on Windows 11? Comment your opinion below!

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