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Microsoft Enhances SwiftKey with Advanced AI Functionality

April 14, 2023
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Microsoft’s newest update to their SwiftKey app for iOS devices brings a suite of advanced features to help users communicate and use their devices more efficiently. With the addition of Chat, Search, and Tone, powered by AI, users can now access helpful tools within nearly any app to better communicate and conduct research.
The Chat feature allows users to connect to the new Bing search. This makes it easier to communicate and make detailed queries, allowing users to use AI to make jokes or ask specific questions. Chat helps users get to the perfect response quickly and easily.
The Tone feature helps users communicate in any conversation. It allows users to customize their text as needed so that it fits the conversation perfectly, from casual to professional. Tone helps people customize their text to fit any message.
Finally, the Search functionality helps people quickly search the web from inside any app. This makes it easy for users to conduct research on a variety of topics, from stock prices to dining options to weather.
The update is now available on the App Store and requires iOS or iPadOS 11 or later. All users who have access to the new Bing preview can access all the new features, although a Microsoft Account is required for access to Tone and Chat. Those with devices running iOS 11 or later can access Search without signing in.
Whether users are conducting research or having conversations, the new features of Microsoft’s SwiftKey app allow them to interact with their devices more efficiently than ever before. Make sure you have the newest version of the SwiftKey app today and see what AI can do!

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