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Microsoft Office to Harness GPT-4 AI with New ‘Copilot’ Feature

March 17, 2023
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Exciting news! Microsoft is taking another step forward into the future of productivity by introducing OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI technology. The Office apps will be updated with what Microsoft is calling “Copilot”, which will make work easier and more streamlined like generating entire documents, summarizing meetings, finding milestones, analyzing risks, and more.

And this is no small step! Microsoft has added more than $10 billion to the initiative, and it’s already being tested by 20 major companies. Right now, there are two key features to the program: Business Chat and Word.

The Business Chat app acts like a combination of a chatbot and personal assistant. Through natural language queries, it is able to retrieve information to help with projects, soon to even generate and present documents and slideshows. It’s there to help find upcoming milestones, summarize meetings, list strategy risks, and suggest the best paths to take.

The Word app will also be enhanced. The AI assistant will be able to suggest alternative rewrite for documents to make them better, and it now has design features so the user can ask for captivating slides which the Assistant can create.

What’s more, Microsoft will be offering warnings for users to check the AI work, as it does not get everything right. This is extremely important, as the software clearly indicates who authored the file in case it is unedited and shared with others.

The launch of OpenAI GPT-4 technology to Microsoft Office is an exciting prospect. It opens up a lot of opportunities to make the tasks easier, faster, and more efficient while making sure users are responsible with the work they are sharing.

It begs the question: what do you think about GPT-4 coming to Microsoft Office? Share your thoughts in the comments and join the discussion!

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