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Progress Towards Persistent Gameplay in Star Citizen

March 13, 2023
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A wave of anticipation surged across the gaming community as Cloud Imperium Games released their new update to the popular MMORPG Star Citizen – Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies.
The new patch brings a wave of groundbreaking content and technology that may give Star Citizen the distinction of being one of the most expansive and fully immersive experiences ever created in gaming.
Among the highlights is the addition of the new Persistent Entity Streaming technology, a critical foundation for enabling full in-game persistence.
What this means is that objects moved by players through the universe will be dynamically tracked and recognized.
In simpler terms, your actions in this massive universe will now be remembered for good!
The Lasting Legacies update has also introduced the salvage profession, a fresh economic and nonviolent career path for Star Citizen players.
The Drake Vulture vehicle has been added to the game to support this new profession, along with a ‘soft death’ feature and a complete cargo refactor.
In addition, players have a chance to earn some money by retrieving materials from target ships and selling them for a tidy profit.

While the update has been mostly welcomed by the Star Citizen community, the release wasn’t without issues.
Players have reported encountering a few hiccups while trying to log in to the game, as stated by the Star Citizen subreddit.
Moreover, Cloud Imperium Games might also be carrying out a partial data wipe with their upcoming patch – Alpha 3.18.1.
However, they have stated that the only items that will be affected are those obtained via in-game purchases and looting.
But even then, the system will keep track of all purchases so it can restore them in a future update.
The incredible success of Star Citizen has been undeniable, having now raised more than half a billion dollars in crowdfunding.
At the start of last year, CIG announced their ambitious five-year plan with the game, but later reduced the scope of the roadmap so as to avoid disappointing it’s supporters by delaying updates.

Cloud Imperium Games has created something remarkable with Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies.
With the foundation that has been set, players can expect much more interesting things to come in the near future.
The new tech and content that has been added can give Star Citizen the distinction of being one of the most immersive and ‘lived-in’ gaming experiences ever created.
It’s a remarkable achievement, and as we look ahead, only greater things can come.
Are you as excited as we are to jump into the galaxy of Star Citizen? What new things do you think Cloud Imperium Games can add in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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