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Record-breaking Sale of an Unopened iPhone: Almost Doubles Previous Auction Sale Price

February 21, 2023
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An original sealed iPhone recently set a new record for its sale price at auction, almost doubling the amount of what one sold for just six months ago.

At the start of March, the first sealed iPhone went up for auction with an expectation of at least $50,000. After two weeks of bidding, the final result was a winning bid of an astounding $63,356 – close to double what the smartphone were sold at originally.

Before this super impressive record-breaking sale, just six months prior the same type of iPhone model sold for the much less amount of $35,414, and another going for $39,340 in the autumn. Compared to the original $599 retail price of the 8GB model, the auctioned smartphones proved to grow in great appreciation.

The lucky winner of this latest impressive sale goes to one of the 27 bidders who partook in the auction via LCG Auctions. The seller is Karen Green, who happened to have her product show in the “Doctor and the Diva” a few years back to see how much her sealed iPhone was worth. As a reference, the iPhone was estimated at just $5,000. She is planning to use the money from the sale to help with her tattoo studio business.

It is amazing to think that the value of an eight-year-old sealed iPhone can be such an estimate price. Although it can’t compare to the market value of a new iPhone today, the appreciation of prices shows us how much the item is in demand.

Considering Apple dominates the market today, we can assume that the price is only going to increase. With more bidders an increased sales, collectors and antique merchants will often agree that the year of production of a product can highly affect its value and selling powers – something the most recent auctioned iPhone clearly shows.

It goes without saying that if you are lucky enough to come across one, there could be a great return waiting. Just as it was for Karen, it could be time for you to put your best product up for auction and see what it can bring in.

What was once a $599 retail price is now closer to a six-digit figure. Have you ever come across any product worth a hefty sum? Let us know in the comments below!

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