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6 Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 2023

March 19, 2023
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It is almost time for the reveal of the latest games that are coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service in April 2023. Excitingly, we already know that six day one titles have been confirmed for the lineup, and Microsoft is sticking to focusing on the new Xbox Game Pass games for March 2023 before we get a full view of the entire lineup for April 2023.

For the present, we can turn our attention to the March 2023 lineup, with most games already joining the service such as Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Nevertheless, we are still awaiting the addition of PlayStation’s MLB The Show 23, along with Way to the Woods, though its exact release date is yet to be unveiled.

Nonetheless, already confirmed for the April 2023 Xbox Game Pass games are Everspace 2 on April 6, Ghostwire: Tokyo joining the roster on April 12, and Minecraft Legends due to appear on the service on April 18. Then, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly will debut on April 20, with The Last Case of Benedict Fox to follow one week later on April 27. Also coming in April 2023 to Xbox Game Pass is the fantasy Indie game Homestead Arcana but its exact launch date is still to be announced.

Two of the most striking titles within the April 2023 line up are Ghostwire: Tokyo and Minecraft Legends. Ghostwire: Tokyo has had somewhat of an exclusive status with PlayStation despite being developed by Microsoft-owned Tango Gameworks, yet now Xbox players can also get their hands on this fascinating title.

For those who love the Minecraft franchise in its entirety, they are sure to be looking forward to Minecraft Legends which is a brand-new strategy spinoff of the beloved franchise.

Also to look out for is The Last Case of Benedict Fox, the acclaimed Metroidvania game that adds Lovecraftian horror elements. Players can find out for themselves whether or not this game lives up to its prior hype when it hits Xbox Game Pass on April 27th.

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