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Microsoft Rewards Tasks Receive an Xbox Update

March 18, 2023
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Xbox is taking steps to ensure gamers can make the most of their Microsoft Rewards program following a big problem that recently arose. Microsoft Rewards was created to provide Xbox gamers with the opportunity to reap the benefits for their effort. The program allows users to accumulate Xbox points for completing various tasks, including earning achievements and purchasing specific items. These Xbox points can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards, like free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, retail and fast food cards, sweepstakes entries, or even money that can be used to buy new games through the Xbox store.

Overall, Microsoft Rewards is something that all Xbox gamers should actively participate in. It doesn’t require an exorbitant investment of time; usually a couple of minutes is enough to complete the daily activities and earn points. Additionally, the program awards users fifty points each day they gain an achievement. Ultimately, this can make the difference in affording games or having to pay out of pocket for a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Rewards app experienced technical issues that were making it difficult for users to obtain their daily fifty points and successfully complete the Weekly Sets. Weekly Sets are a combination of tasks that Microsoft Rewards members can complete over the course of a week and then receive extra points. In spite of their efforts, these gamers were having trouble actually being credited with their work due to the rewards app’s issues with tracking achievements.

In response to this problem, Xbox has decided to adjust the Microsoft Rewards system. Specifically, the Weekly Set punch cards have been reduced from five to three achievements that users must earn. This change should make it far less likely for tracking obstacles to impede their ability to finish the Weekly Set and get the associated bonus points. Besides that, Microsoft Rewards members will now be able to receive their monthly bonus by completing just two Weekly Sets instead of the usual three. Furthermore, other Microsoft Rewards punch cards will also require fewer requirements going forward, though Xbox did not elaborate on the specifics of this change.

These alterations should benefit all Xbox gamers that take advantage of Microsoft Rewards. With the adjustments, gamers should experience fewer difficulties completing their Weekly Sets and benefit from reduced requirements for other punch cards. Thus, Microsoft Rewards should no longer be in danger of bugs and tracking issues thwarting their progress.

Microsoft Rewards is definitely worth considering by Xbox gamers, as it can cut costs associated with next-generation gaming. Besides that, it’s important to keep up with any changes the program is making as it continues to grow and evolve in order to get the most out of it. A couple of minutes each day or week can result in a considerable savings or bonus so gamers should take full advantage of what Microsoft Rewards has to offer.

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