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Rise of Chinese Hackers and Growing Sophistication of Their Attacks – Report

March 18, 2023
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In recent months, cybersecurity threats from China have become more pronounced and widespread, forcing governments and companies to take notice. Google researchers reported the discovery of sophisticated cyber espionage techniques used by the Chinese state-sponsored hackers to gain access to networks without detection.

Rather than infiltrating systems behind the corporate firewall, the cyber criminals have targeted edge devices and software from companies such as VMWare Inc. and Citrix Systems Inc. Such ingenuity and sophistication indicate that the Chinese government has been able to outsmart regular cyber security tools, as well as raise serious concerns about the security of government and private networks.

The news arrives as tensions between the United States and China reach an all-time high. Recent decisions, such as the threat to ban TikTok in the country and the export control restrictions, have only further exacerbated the political and economic quarrels between the two nations. ByteDance, the parent company of the social media app, will testify before a House panel next week, saying that the sale of the platform wouldn’t resolve any security issues already addressed.

The US Cyber Command, FBI, and other US officials have warned of the looming Chinese cyber threats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and the apparent attempts to target political parties. A recent report from the FBI states that there will be “significant Chinese cyber activity” in the upcoming year, demonstrating the need for extensive vigilance and preparedness.

The revelation about the Chinese government’s cyber espionage tactics has sparked worry among business leaders, especially those whose networks and data could be vulnerable to attack. It is also a stark reminder of the need for improved cybersecurity tools and for companies to increase their protection against potential threats and attacks.

We need to take appropriate steps to protect our networks from malicious actors, and this latest revelation from Google researchers on the Chinese threat should be a wake-up call to those looking to strengthen their security. Comment with your thoughts and how you ensure your data is secure against cyber espionage threats.

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