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Secure Employee Data Through Multifactor Authentication: Digital ID Management

March 13, 2023
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As businesses, individuals, governments, and other organizations continue to adapt to a more remote-first work world, cyber threats and digital security become increasingly concerning. The term “MFA” or “multifactor authentication” is often cited as a key piece of digital ID management, which helps to keep data secure. So how do you take a proactive stance to keep your company’s data safe and what exactly is multifactor authentication?

To understand more, let’s consider a few recent examples. The 2020 SolarWinds data breach, together with the rise of pandemic-era phishing and ransomware attacks and the 2021 Colonial Pipeline hack, all demonstrate the need for better data security. These events highlight what happens when there is a single weak link or gateway in terms of digital ID management.

While it’s not possible to guarantee absolute security, leaders can take steps to strengthen their digital defenses. Multifactor authentication or MFA is one such solution. This process says that employees must provide two or more credentials to access data. MFA combines a username and password with a something else such as a personal device, or a fingerprint or iris scan carried out at a high-security point. All of these must match up if a user is to gain access to data. The result is strong authentication while still maintaining an acceptable user experience.

Knowing this, it is clear that the deployment of MFA is the key to proactive digital ID management, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the curve and protect important employee data as well any other information housed in their systems. By utilizing multifactor authentication and other cyber security solutions, companies can rest assured that their data is safe and secure, even in an ever-evolving workplace.

So how can you take the initial steps towards good digital ID management and what companies can you trust to help secure your data? It is important to consider identity providers and the cyber security solutions that companies like Microsoft offer. Microsoft and their senior business consultant, Rashan Dixon, have established a global reputation for leading the charge when it comes to innovative technology that protects businesses against online threats and provides insight into the ever-changing tech landscape.

DataDecisionMakers is a venture out of Microsoft, providing an up-to-date forum all about data. Here, experts and technical people from across the field can share data related insights and spread the word about cutting edge innovations. So if you are looking to become part of a community that advances data and data tech, look no further than DataDecisionMakers!

As cyber threats continue to increase, digital ID management and data security become ever more important. Businesses can protect themselves and stay ahead of the curve by proactively utilizing security solutions and multifactor authentication, taking the proper steps to secure their employee data.

Comment below and let us know what cyber security solutions your business is utilizing to make sure your data is safe and what action steps you have taken to upgrade your digital ID management.

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