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Twitch Empowers Streamers with Channel Tag Feature in Stream Titles

February 20, 2023
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Twitch is giving streamers a new way to interact and recommend other content with the introduction of a tag feature in their streams. This means that streamers can link to related channels in their title, creating a direct way for viewers to connect with the affiliated streamers.

This feature is a great way for streamers to engage with an audience, no matter what familiarity the viewer has with the platform. Instead of having to search through different game listings and random pages, streamers can identify each other’s content and promote it directly. From competitive match streaming to just simply having friends on the same game play together, streamers can easily tag each other in their titles and easily share the content with their current viewers.

This also has the potential to be a great tool for collaboration and reaching out to potential fans. By bringing other streamers in their titles, it gives viewers the ability to switch from one stream to another that might be closer to something they are already interested in watching. From there, streamers can bring viewers regularly between streams, creating a feedback loop of viewership.

The tag feature also provides streamers with an easier way to find other streamers they want to send viewers to. Rather than needing to search through each game category and try to find the right streamer, streamers can now easily type in the related channel name and the link will show up. And since the tag acts like a direct link, clicking on the tag will bring viewers directly to the other channel with just one click.

What’s even better is that Twitch will be allowing users to customize their own card display of the linked channel. These cards will let viewers access the channel page, follow the streamer, and also access their social media links all from the same page.

This is an incredibly exciting and valuable addition for streamers and viewers of all levels. With a feature like this, streamers can easily cross-promote to their own viewers, growing their audiences at the same time. It’s not just about growing their own channels, but helping other streamers grow as well.

So if you’re a streamer, the best time to start finding those interesting channels to connect your audiences is now. And for viewers, those interesting channels could be just a tag away.

Let us know what you think about the tag feature in the comments and be sure to follow us for all the Twitch related news and updates.

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