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Sons of the Forest Reaches Record Viewers on Twitch

February 26, 2023
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It’s clear that Sons of the Forest is off to an extraordinary start and its launch achieved something truly remarkable. After making a considerable impact on Steam, the new survival horror game has now stirred up the world of Twitch as well. With the title overtaking Just Chatting as the most watched category for a brief moment on launch day, it is safe to say that Endnight’s game has had a monumental debut.

Furthermore, those wishing to jump into Sons of the Forest cannot even get away from the enthusiasm, as Wishlist numbers on Steam rose consistently since the game’s release. The fact that it even outranked Starfield – one of Bethesda’s most anticipated titles – in wishlists only goes to show the magnitude of the game’s fame.

Of course, players require more than wishlists and viewership counts to make the most out of their time with the game. Fortunately, we’ve got a wealth of useful resources for all the essentials and more, including features such as Sons of the Forest shovel location, Sons of the Forest map, and even all the Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands.

It’s plain to see that Sons of the Forest is nothing short of remarkable and the sheer excitement this game has generated is ever growing, uncontainable, and unstoppable. We can’t help but be excited to watch out for all the other adrenaline filled, exciting moments that this game holds in future. Will Sons of the Forest overtake Twitch’s Just Chatting again or perhaps, even go on to achieve or create something unprecedented? What new secrets or features will be uncovered in the forest? Comment down your speculations!

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