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Get a Sneak Peek of Bluesky – The Decentralized Social Network from Twitter’s Co-Founder

March 8, 2023
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Introducing Bluesky
Jack Dorsey, the famous co-founder of Twitter, has recently released his exciting new project called Bluesky. This new social network application has already been released on the App Store and is now undergoing its testing phase – available as a ‘private beta’. To join this platform, members must first receive a special invitation – and there are already thousands users signed up. It’s a great chance to take an exclusive look into how the platform works.

The AT Protocol
In order to understand where Bluesky came from, we must first understand what lies at the core of this new platform. Bluesky is built on the ‘Authenticated Transfer Protocol’, also known as AT. This is actually the same type of protocol that was used to build Mastodon, the social media platform that has seen immense success in recent months due to its decentralized structure.

This is actually the dream that Jack Dorsey had when he first started working on this project at Twitter: to create a platform that didn’t have to rely on one central power. He wanted to make sure that the users had the power over what they post and see – and not the platform or developers.

How it Works
From the onset, Bluesky is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. It follows an incredibly simple sign-up process, allowing users to create a username and password with just a few clicks. The system runs on its own official server and the interface is incredibly familiar – resembling Twitter in many ways.

Users can explore the newsfeed, notifications, and search for profile information. They also have full control over the content they see from around the platform, as algorithms are being disregarded for the time being. Currently, users can find content from other people they follow, and nothing more.

No advertisements are supported at the time – which is great news for all users – although there is already speculation that the team might introduce such an option – perhaps a paid subscription even. The project is still in its very early stages, so many of these details are still unknown.

What’s not Working
Since Bluesky is currently only accessible by private beta, there are still many issues which need to be addressed and solved. There are no GIFs or polls available, the interface looks quite basic, and notifications aren’t quite working as they should. Moreover, the platform isn’t compatible with other platforms, having no web version or app available on Android and Windows.

However, it is highly likely that all of these issues will be sorted out in the near future, with the next update set to bring a better user experience, more options, and the addition of GIFs. Furthermore, the team is currently working on the development of compatible applications on other platforms, as well as increasing security measures.

Will it Replace Twitter?
As for whether Bluesky can completely replace Twitter and attract an entire new following, it’s hard to tell. Mastodon already seems to draw more attention in recent months, but this is because the people who are already going there have their minds already set and understand the world of decentralized social media.

However, one of the major advantages of bluesky seems to be in its exclusivity. Like Clubhouse during its early days, those who are invited to join feel almost like part of a special group – and this could be the element that attracts many users to the platform.

Bluesky developers are also expected to give an option of invites to the users soon, which could propel the platform to even greater heights. Ultimately, only time will tell whether the platform will become a long-term success or remain a fad that quickly fades.

We are looking forward to watching Bluesky grow and develop, and will keep you updated with all the news and updates. What do you think of the new social network and the idea behind it? Comment your thoughts below!

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