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No Man’s Sky Unveils Fractal Update for Xbox Game Pass

February 22, 2023
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No Man’s Sky is back with a bang and it has brought along a new whirlwind of excitement with its latest update, ‘Fractal’. Whilst there is plenty of amazing new content heading to the PlayStation VR2 headset, the good news is that the Xbox version also has plenty of new experiences and features to explore that many gamers already have access to through Xbox Game Pass.

The latest Expedition, called ‘Utopia’ is just one of the great features to explore. This Expedition is specifically designed to challenge those who play it to use teamwork and communication to rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation. Those who are able to complete the expedition successfully will be rewarded!

No Man’s Sky Fractal is incredible for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest additions is the brand-new Utopia Speeder starship. This incredibly powerful ship offers players the chance to explore space in a way they never thought possible, allowing them to get up close and personal to the new freewheeling starscapes that have appeared and allowing them more freedom than ever before.

In addition to the Utopia Speeder, No Man’s Sky Fractal update also introduces the new ‘Wonders Catalog’. This catalog contains many of the greatest discoveries that have been made in the game, giving players the chance to learn more about the environments they’ve explored and the secrets they have uncovered. Perfect for keeping track of your discoveries!

And to top it all off, the Fractal update has an absolutely huge list of changes in the options menu that have been completely reworked to include plenty of accessibility options. This isn’t all – Hello Games has also said that 2021 is set to be an even bigger and better year for No Man’s Sky with five major updates potentially coming in that time frame.

So if you’re an Xbox fan, don’t miss out – jump in and try out the great features the Fractal update has to offer! Are you still playing No Man’s Sky on Xbox Game Pass? We’d love to know – let us know in the comments below!

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