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Microsoft Edge, Skype and Bing iOS Apps Receive AI-Powered Bing Search

February 23, 2023
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Today Microsoft is introducing revamped Bing, Skype, and Edge apps for both iPhones and iPads boasting the AI-powered search capabilities the company announced in February. With a newly designed look, the mobile Bing app has a chat experience that responds to users’ questions.

The chatbot can ascertain a variety of queries and offer answers in the form of bullet points, text, or simplified replies. Besides the rudimentary search tasks, it can perform more complicated ones such as planning a trip, evaluating a prospective purchase, or writing a job interview prep.

The app also has a voice-based search feature as well, and this is accessible through the Microsoft Edge mobile app. Bing is being integrated with Skype to add “new scenarios and capabilities”. Now with all members of a group having access to Bing, it could be put to good use for trips and hangouts.

At present, Bing preview experience is only accessible for certain users, and the rollout of access is still underway. Microsoft warns there might be bandwidth inconsistency, but it will be attending to it shortly. Those interested in joining the preview will have to join the waitlist to see when they can access it.

It is certainly interesting to see Microsoft’s push towards new AI-enabled apps and the convenience they may bring. Do you think the app serves a valid purpose or is it merely a cosmetic adjustment? What do you think of AI-driven tools being integrated in group chats? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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