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Scuttlebutt Surrounds Potential MacBook Air Release Date

March 7, 2023
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Rumors have been increasing in frequency in recent months about the possibility of the long-awaited 15-inch MacBook Air release. Now, a questionable new report from 9to5Mac references anonymous, independent sources regarding the product. The sources suggest that the release of the 15-inch MacBook Air will be accompanied with an update of the 13-inch model and both will use the M3 processor.

Further inspection into the rumor makes it appear unlikely that Apple will announce both models with the M3 processor in the same window. Many reports have been pointing to a release of the 15-inch MacBook Air in the early part of 2023, whereas the M3 processor is expected to be built with the 3nm process, which isn’t ready for mass production until later in the year. Additionally, the 13-inch model was recently update with the M2 in July of last year, making it a fast turnaround to update the model with the M3.

Moreover, rumors have not pointed to any possible updates to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M3 processor, contradicting the information the report. This suggests that this information should be taken with a light grain of salt.

It appears that if Apple decides to update the MacBook Air with a larger screen it will likely be released in the early part of 2023, rather than at the same time as the 13-inch variant. Furthermore, it is possible that the M3 processor won’t be released until a later date. If Apple plans on continuing with their M2 processor pattern, they may release the M2 Ultra and the Mac Studio before the M3 processor is ready.

Although rumors cannot be taken as fact, it appears that the release of the 15-inch MacBook Air will still be a long wait for those who are eager to purchase the larger variant. Time will tell when Apple will announce the product, as there has yet to be an official statement from the company regarding the product. We will continue to monitor the field and report on any updates or changes.

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