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Security Updates for iOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3

March 27, 2023
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On Monday, Apple released the newest versions of their software and operating systems, iOS 16.4, macOS Ventura 13.3, watchOS 9.4, and tvOS 16.4, with multiple new features such as new emoji and notifications for web apps, amongst various other accessibility improvements. However, what should be taken note of is that these updates come with more than 30 security patches that address a range of exploitations.

In particular, Apple mentioned that they had patched a certain disruption related to the accessibility feature in the software, which could have led to third-party apps illegally accessing information about the users’ contacts. Furthermore, another highly serious security exploit could have granted unauthorised apps access to sensitive user data.

Along with that, Apple has also fixed various other vulnerabilities found in the system, like the Apple Neural Engine, Calendar, Camera, CarPlay, Bluetooth, Find My, iCloud, Photos, Podcasts, Safari, and indeed the kernel ( the part of the operating system that manages data and resources and allows applications to run).

The patch to the WebKit exploit is also of importance, since this could have enabled websites to track user data from iOS users. Therefore, with this latest update, Apple has ensured that any origin information is no longer shared with visits to Safari or other web browsers.

This suggests that with these fixes applied across various platforms of the iOS family, thanks to sharing of code, the most important thing for users of all of these various operating systems should be to keep their devices updated to the latest security patches available.

For iOS users, the updates can be installed from the Settings App, whilst macOS users can find the updates in their System Settings App.

By keeping your devices updated with the newest security patches, you can protect yourself from a range of hackings and exploitation – something important as cyber security is increasingly becoming a greater priority than ever before.

Therefore, it is satisfactory to know that Apple is paying attention to the emergence of security breaches and is taking measures to keep users safe!

Make sure you update your device right now and feel confident and safe with your newest update installed. If you want to learn more, you can read some recommended articles featured:

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We suggest you leave a comment if you have updated yours, so we can all stay on top of the most recent security updates to keep all of our devices safe!

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