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Atomic Heart: Heart-stopping Combat

February 20, 2023
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Welcome to the glorious future of Atomic Heart! For those who seek an exhilarating, immersive experience among a compelling world of alternate-history Soviet Russia, this game is the perfect choice. With its stunningly creative graphics, engaging gunplay and melee combat, and an array of mods, weapons and powers to upgrade, you’ll certainly be amazed by the world that awaits you.
Set in the mid-1950s, you will travel as the highly trained, endlessly sarcastic Major P-3 and join up with the AI that lives in your left glove, CHAR-les. You’re on a special assignment to help the genius behind the revolutionary technologies, visiting a city that floats above the underground source of the powerful polymer. The exploration of the retro-futuristic-Communist-Russian landscapes is impressive, and will certainly keep you goggling along the way with its lived-in detailed.

However, players should definitely be warned that combat can become intense and, with the right tactics and upgrade materials, you’ll be sure to hone your skills and unleash powerful secondary powers. You’ll also need to remember to stay sharp as rushing into a fight would be an incredible mistake on your end! Although it’s not all about the fighting, exploration of the world will reap you with rewards. While exploring, you’ll uncover a wealth of secret areas containing upgrade materials to develop your character’s special powers.

The particular style of gameplay of Atomic Heart may draw some parallels with the well-known Bioshock series. But the game does offer more than just the graphics and gunplay that’s familiar to the franchise. For example, there’s far more emphasis on the kick, jump and spin maneuvers that often leaves you spinning and vulnerable to more damage if you don’t react quickly. Additionally, there are thrilling set pieces of combat, each with its own strategy, that you must master; relying on the usual crosshair clicking won’t quite cut it here. Although, you’ll soon find that the combat and exploration feedback loops in the game work together to make it all the more engaging.

Atomic Heart is no doubt an incredible game, and it definitely shows the 5 years that went into its production. With approximately 20 more hours of Bioshock-style gameplay and a mix of Soviet iron and Jetsons-esque gleam, there’s plenty to look out for in this astonishingly unique game.

So go ahead, join the Major and CHAR-les on their special mission to Facility 3826 for an adventure full of surprises, discoveries, and much more. Comment below if you’re excited for this game and what you’re expecting to see from it!

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