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Apple’s Upcoming iPhone and iPad Software Features for 2021

March 29, 2023
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While speculation is already in full motion for the expected release of iOS 17, there are still a handful of software features that Apple has yet to officially launch for iPhone and iPad users. Read on to learn a roundup of all the announced features yet to come, as well as an insight into what they could bring.
Apple Card Savings Account
At the beginning of 2021, Apple announced that it would be entering the high-yield savings account arena with the addition of an integrated savings account feature directly into the Wallet application for Apple Card users. Expected to become available “soon”, Apple Card Savings Account will allow Apple Card holders to deposit their Daily Cash rewards into the savings account, enabling users to track the account’s growth over time and make additional deposits from their linked bank accounts.
Although the feature is available only to Apple Card holders from the United States, it will be operated by Apple’s partner Goldman Sachs, who currently offer an annual percentage yield of 3.30% on their online savings account.
Next-generation CarPlay
During the WWDC 2022 event, Apple unveiled the next generation of its CarPlay system, which will look dramatically different to the architecture currently available in today’s cars. This new iteration promises to be able to directly integrate with car’s onboard systems, offering support for multiple screens as well as replacing the manufacturer’s own digital interfaces with a range of widgets from music to weather.
Although demos of the revamped Apple CarPlay were shown at WWDC 2022, the feature is not expected to become available until later this year, with Apple suggesting it will require close collaboration with automakers before its public launch.
iMessage Contact Key Verification
Reserved for those who face “extraordinary digital threats” such as journalists, government workers and human right activists, iMessage Contact Key Verification was announced by Apple in 2022 as an additional layer of security in a bid to protect against advanced cyberpirates.
When enabled, the feature will provide users with an alert in the event that a “state-sponsored attacker” succeeds in infiltrating cloud servers in order to eavesdrop conversations. To confirm that they are connecting with the intended recipient, users can compare a special contact verification code in person, via FaceTime or other secure call.
This feature is expected to launch in 2023, with Apple promising a global rollout.
Apple Pay Later [Now available]
Update March 28, 2023: Apple Pay Later has now started rolling out to users, intended to offer an alternative to traditional financial mechanisms like Affirm and Klarna. Allowing purchasers to pay for an item over four equal payments with no associated interest and no additional fees, the Apple Pay Later feature integrated with Apple Wallet and Apple Pay.
Initially made available in the United States, Apple Pay Later is now be available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted online or through an app, only to qualifying applicants.
Apple Music Classical [Now available]
Update March 28, 2023: Following Apple’s acquisition of classical music service Primephonic, Apple Music Classical is now available to all Apple Music users. Combining Primephonic’s classical user interface with added features, the dedicated app offers users the chance to explore, discover, and purchase classical music all in one.
Web push notifications [Now available]
Update March 28, 2023: Web push notifications for Safari on iOS and iPadOS are now available for users. Announced at WWDC 2022, the new feature was confirmed to be available sometime in 2023, allowing users the chance to receive notifications from websites on their iPhone or iPad.
New Home architecture [Now available]
Update March 28, 2023: As of iOS 16.4, the new and improved HomeKit architecture is once again available to users via the settings app on their iPhone. After a backlash in October when the feature was initially released due to performance and reliability problems, Apple took the feature offline and have now released an update to iron out the issues.

iOS 16.5 likely coming soon…
Since the release of iOS 16.4, Apple has already begun the process of testing iOS 16.5, meaning it won’t be long before the next stage of the update is available to the public. Whilst there’s been no suggestion as to what will be included with the coming update, evidence in the beta version suggests that the company is still hard at work on the platform.

So, as we take a look back at all the features Apple has announced for iPhone and iPad users in upcoming software releases, it’s clear that we should be expecting a busy year in regards to rolling out the updates. What other features are you hoping to see from the company in the coming periods? Let us know in the comments below!

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