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Apple’s AR/VR Headset to Launch at WWDC

February 20, 2023
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Apple is poised to announce its long-anticipated mixed reality headset (often referred to as the “Reality Pro”) this year at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Similar to how the company rolled out their Apple Watch and AirPods, their upcoming headset will bring a bevy of innovative features intended to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital world.

The release has been quietly in the making for months, yet the ambitious nature of the device appears to have pushed its debut past its original spring target. According to Bloomberg tech reporter, Mark Gurman, the company’s revised release date has become a topic of intense speculation with all eyes on the looming WWDC. With the addition of Dan Riccio, Apple’s former hardware chief, to the project, the wait for the headset is expected to be worth the wait. Not only is Riccio’s experience invaluable to the device’s completion, his role at Apple could ensure the headset operates smoothly once unveiled.

What makes the headset especially interesting when compared to the rest of Apple’s catalog is its grander ambitions. To take on mixed reality, the device will have to be immensely powerful to realistically render 3D images for a mixed virtual environment. To enable this effect, the headset will be equipped with a powerful array of features, from superb hand tracking capabilities, a digital crown button to enable or disable mixed reality mode, the ability to realistically render somebody you’re talking to over FaceTime, and more.

This cutting-edge technology, however, comes at a heavy cost. According to the same Gurman report, the headset will retail at approximately $3,000. Notably, this is much higher than the cost of the company’s other mixed reality products, the Apple Watch, AirPods, and the iPad, which have all been famously positioned for the everyday user.

This year’s WWDC is expected to feature much more than the highly sought-after Reality Pro headset. Additional product announcements include a larger and more powerful MacBook Air (expected to have a 15-inch screen), the long-awaited Mac Pro update, and minor updates to the iPhone.

The launch of the headset will be an exciting emblem of Apple’s expanding commitment to mixed reality; enabling developers to create stunning experiences that transcend physical and digital reality. The Reality Pro will be much more than a gaming machine; transforming how we will interact with emails, the Web, and entertainment. Once released, the headset is likely to set the pace for the rest of the industry in this increasingly-mysterious space, and we can’t wait to see what exciting possibilities the device reveals.

Apple’s highly-anticipated mixed reality headset is set to be announced at this year’s WWDC, introducing a bevy of advanced features that are intended to seamlessly blend physical and digital worlds. With the expected $3,000 price tag, the Reality Pro could be one of the costliest products released by Apple this year, yet reports suggest its remarkable features may be worth the hefty cost. While the anticipation for the headset is building, WWDC is also rumoured to feature a larger, more powerful MacBook Air, an upgrade for the Mac Pro, and more. With so much on the cards, the convergence of the tech industry this June is sure to be nothing short of electrifying.

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