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Will Microsoft’s iMessage Feature for Windows Stand the Test of Time?

February 28, 2023
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Microsoft has taken an exciting step forward with the new version of its Phone Link app. The app has just added an iPhone-supporting feature, allowing users to mirror their iPhone’s messages on to their Windows PC. Most notably, this includes iPhone’s very own messaging feature, iMessage on Windows.
The Phone Link app connects a user’s iPhone to their Windows PC via Bluetooth and delivers messages to the Messages app available on iPhone. As a result, everyone can send and receive all iPhone messages, both text and iMessage, through the Phone Link app on the PC.
It is necessary to keep in mind that due to Apple’s restrictive policies, some features are not made available on the app. For instance, you cannot view the full message history of conversations, all messages can only be seen which have been sent or received with the aid of the Phone Link app. Additionally, the app does not separate between text messages and iMessages, leaving the user to judge from the context of the message.
The most important limitation to mention here is that you cannot send pictures from the app or participate in group messages.

The Phone Link app for Windows isn’t going to replace the full iMessage experience found on Apple devices, but it can be seen as a good first step and a digital bridge between Windows and Apple devices.

Starting today, a select group of Windows Insiders enrolled in the Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels can benefit from the iPhone integration on the Phone Link app. Others will have to wait a while before they can take advantage of this new feature as Microsoft will be rolling it out slowly to more users over time.

Phone Link promises to deliver a great new feature and this app is a great mark of progress when it comes to the Windows PC and iPhone integration. Now you have the ability to easily keep up with iMessages on your PC. So wait no more and get the Phone Link app right now to experience this great new feature.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the new Phone Link app for Windows and iPhone integration.

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