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Apple Developing Under-Display Touch ID for Possible All-Screen iPhone

March 9, 2023
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For years now, industry giants like Apple have been looking into and researching ways to implement under-screen Fingerprint sensors in their devices. This revolutionary technology could bring a whole new experience to the current smartphones, tablets and also PCs. This would be especially practical in smartphones as they could take the place of Face ID and/or a physical Home button, allowing for a full-screen experience.

Apple, along with other tech companies, have been actively researching and developing under-screen Fingerprint sensing technology. As recent as 2021, Apple was granted a patent that works to incorporated shortwave infrared technology with an optical imaging system which would be used to determine multiple functions like vein patterns, blood oxygenation, pulse and even whether or not the user is wearing gloves.

However, the pace of development of this technology has caused speculation as to when a model with an under-screen Fingerprint scanner could potentially be released. At one point, a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that at least one model would be released in the second half of 2023, with later predictions stating the opposite.

Just recently, industry sources have suggested that an under-screen Touch ID could be seen over the course of two to three years following the debut of the under-panel Face ID. This would potentially mark a 2026 debut of a model with an under-screen Touch ID sensor. The latest estimates are a result of the updates to the development timeline of the technology per industry consultant Ross Young’s roadmap.

If Apple does choose to take this path, we can all agree that this could be a truly exciting and moments in the tech industry. Customers would benefit from a more seamless experience with a full-screen display, while also having the opportunity to use an upgraded and more reliable version of Touch ID. The possibilities are endless and we hope that Apple continues to pursue this path and find a way to make this dream come true.

Let us know what you think about under-screen Fingerprint scanners in the comments below. Do you think it will become a reality soon and do you think it’s something that should be pursued? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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