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Sons Of The Forest Reveals Multiplayer and Mutant Enemies Before Early Access Launch

February 22, 2023
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It’s almost here! The much anticipated sequel to the beloved survival game Sons Of The Forest will be launching on Steam Early Access this coming Thursday. It’s the perfect opportunity for gamers of all stripes to dive in and experience this new challenge. The trailer released showcases some of the gorgeous new visuals and terrifying enemies that you’ll be up against during your playthrough.

In the trailer, we see a pair of survivors venturing through the forest with their two trusty axes to build a small house. Anyone who’s ever played The Forest will know that’s the beginnings of a survival game. No sooner does it get started do the eerie mutants appear in an effort to attack the settlement that’s been so carefully built. Of course, being a game about survival, our protagonists aren’t going to last long without some sort of protection, so out comes the Shotgun to do battle.

This latest trailer gives us our first glimpse of some of the terrifying mutants featured in Sons Of The Forest. They’re an eclectic mix of supernatural, bizarrely alien, and downright nasty. We know that these creatures feature unique personalities and an intimidating leadership structure. It looks like it’ll be one heck of a way to kickstart a night of gaming with your friends.

You can enjoy Sons Of The Forest however you like. If you look for a rush of adrenaline, a challenge and a thrill, then the best way to do this is to play the game in Survival Mode. But if you’re just out to explore, build and enjoy the forest then you can actually turn on the peaceful mode which disables the mutants and cannibals, allowing you to explore without fear of the dangers.

Sons Of The Forest is out this Thursday, so you wont have to wait long to start your adventure. Get ready to build your shelter, explore the forest, and survive. It’s time to see if this sequel will have the same impact as its predecessor.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the sequel of Sons Of The Forest. Are you excited to jump into the world on Thursday? Or are you cautiously waiting to see the reviews before you dive in? Let’s get talking!

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