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What Do the Different Colors of the HomePod Status Lights Mean?

February 24, 2023
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We’ve all seen the HomePod — Apple’s smart speaker powered by Siri, their voice assistant. Sure it’s a great device for playing audio and a perfect addition to your home theater setup, but did you know it communicates its state with colored lights? That’s right, across the top surface you’ll see two primary status lights and four or five other animations that may appear — and make no mistake, they mean something.

You’ll find a multicolored spinning light and a static white light most often. By now, you’ve likely seen the multicolored spinning light when using Siri. This animation is meant to resemble the colorful Siri orb seen on other Apple devices, and will appear when your HomePod is actively listening, thinking or responding to your commands. Meanwhile, the static white light will appear anytime your HomePod is playing audio.

But what about other light animations? Let’s review them all one-by-one.

The third is a green pulsating light, which appears when you’re using HomePod for phone calls; a blue flashing light which indicates that your HomePod is in its wireless setup state; and a white spinning light which will appear anytime your HomePod is being powered on or going through a software update.

Probably the most uncommon yet least concerning is the orange flashing light, which again only appears on the HomePod mini — it basically means you’re not using the power adapter required. And, you may also see this light when troubleshooting a software error.

Finally, the white flashing light is somethings you never want to see on your HomePod — it’s essentially an SOS signal. In this case, Apple recommends unplugging your HomePod for 15 seconds and seeing if the light goes away. If not, reset your HomePod, or as a last resort, contact support for repair.

No matter which status light you come across, it’s important to remember that there’s no reason to worry — your HomePod is most likely functioning properly, and these status lights are just different ways of letting you know what’s going on. Have you ever come across any of the HomePod status lights? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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