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Star Fox Development Team Marks 30 Years

February 21, 2023
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It is with great honor that today, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic video game Star Fox! Star Fox had its debut release on the Super Famicom platform in Japan on February 21st, 1993, and went on to be released in North America and Europe. On this day, it is fitting to take the time to reflect on how this timeless game has captivated the hearts of millions for so many years.

The initial release of Star Fox was revolutionary for its high quality 3D polygonal graphics that were deemed to be impossible, especially given the technology standards at the time, on Nintendo’s 16-bit console. As part of the celebration, Takaya Imamura, the former Nintendo artist behind the design of the protagonist, Fox McCloud, shared an special illustration. This same artist’s fervent aim was to evoke a sense of adventure and exploration through the design of the characters and overall style.

Likewise, Dylan Cuthbert, the original programmer of the game and its subsequent four titles, shared a thoughtful and delicious cake made in the game’s theme, featuring the valiant crew of Star Fox. In an interview with Time Extension, he spoke of the thought behind the characters – one that ultimately gave the game a distinctively Nintendo feel. He also commented on what he would love to see for the series in the future – something with a strong emphasis on cinematics, set pieces, and expanding the characters and their interactions.

Star Fox also left its mark on the gaming industry through the popular N64 title Lylat Wars, released as Star Fox 64 in Europe, which was the first game incorporating the rumble feature with the help of the Rumble Pak. The series was recently revived on Nintendo Switch with the release of the myriads of titles through the Nintendo Online service – which includes the original SNES Star Fox, the N64’s Lylat Wars, and even the previously unreleased SNES sequel Star Fox 2.

More recently, Retro Studios shared their plans for the abandoned Star Fox Armada title, which had been pitched as a Wii U game. Despite the many similarily themed titles that have been released over the years, we keep coming back to the original, beloved characters of Star Fox. We wouldn’t want to forget Fox McCloud from his long-time position as a main in Super Smash Bros.

As we take the time to commemorate this momentous occasion, let us look forward to the continued success of this game and its characters. Join us in celebrating the beloved Star Fox on its 30th year. Let us know your fondest memories of the game in the comments!

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