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Microsoft Teams Performance Enhancements Coming Next Month

February 20, 2023
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Microsoft is gearing up to alleviate the woes of video conferencing users far and wide by rolling out an improved version of Microsoft Teams. The long-awaited update comes after the software giant has toiled away to reconstruct the system from the ground up.
Recent developments have confirmed that the company has already embarked upon a trial period for this new Teams client, and it’s expected to broaden its testing within Microsoft itself. It has thus been christened as Teams 2.0 or 2.1 depending on who you ask.

The update to the video conferencing solution will bring with it numerous modifications and advancements, ranging from an all-around reduction of the resource usage on laptops and PCs to major improvements such as taking 50 percent lesser memory space and taxing less of the CPU. Additionally, the new Teams client presents an improved battery life experience on the devices.

This has been a long time coming, and the company has already revealed the introduction of this new setup in the native Teams app for Windows 11 users. While Teams for consumer use has changed, business users have been stuck with utilizing the older version until the Teams client can be reconstructed — this new app is the answer to that.

To bring about such improvement and enhancement, Microsoft has relied on its own Edge Webview2 technology and React, a JavaScript library. The former should give a major boost to faster-than-average opening times and smoother executions of activities such as presenting in a meeting or responding to messages.

Lastly, the company has further reiterated the intention to preview the new Teams app to users in the latter half of March. This would essentially provide the individuals and their teams the opportunity to switch back to the old app, should they choose to do so.

The question of the efficacy of the Teams app is something that has been asked and answered numerous times. Microsoft is now putting its best foot forward to ensure that this new client is up to par with the expectations of the users and organizations using Teams. With the imminent introduction of the preview version, organizations and individuals will be able to see firsthand the improvements that the revamped software programme brings along.

It remains to be seen exactly how effective the new Teams client turns out to be, however, this development can only be good news for those looking to improve their video conferencing experience. Will the new Teams client usher in an era of smoother, faster, and more reliable video conferencing? Only time will tell.

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