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Pay for Social Media Verification: Now Available in the US

March 18, 2023
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Today, Meta introduces Meta Verified, its new paid subscription service, allowing customers located in the US to verify the authenticity of their online profiles. This service provides customers the opportunity to have their profile authenticated by providing a government-issued photo ID and only costs $11.99 a month for web subscriptions and $14.99 for in-app subscriptions.
With the Meta Verified subscription, users also get a blue checkmark on Instagram and Facebook, as well as access to exclusive stickers, proactive impersonation protection, and additional customer support—all while being supported by two-factor authentication and age verification.
This introduction of Meta Verified follows in the footsteps of other social networks, such as Twitter and Telegram, the first to offer blue checkmarks for subscribers. Before the widespread availability of such verified accounts, those considered notable in media or government were solely eligible for these badges, now users can access them for a monthly fee.

Meta believes the launch of Meta Verified in the US is due to good results from its pre-launch trials in Australia and New Zealand. This subscription is dedicated to help customers verify their identity on the internet, making it easier for other users to ensure they are following the legitimate account owners.

The launch of Meta Verified allows customers in the US to finally be able to access such a service and feel a bit more secure in their online space. Those interested in subscribing can join a waiting list on the Meta website, and once they have submitted all the necessary documents, they can start the authentication process.

Comment below if you have already subscribed to Meta Verified, or if you are interested in doing so. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this service!

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