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Ikea’s Air Quality Sensor Monitors Pollutants in Your Home

February 20, 2023
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Keeping your home’s air safe and clean has never been easier with the arrival of the new Vindstyrka from Ikea. This revolutionary air quality monitor will be available to purchase as early as April 2021.

The Vindstyrka is an indoor air quality monitor that features a wide display. This device will allow you to have real-time readings of the particulate matter, the humidity, the temperature, and the volatile organic compounds that are present in your home. Knowing the values of these factors will help you determine the air quality of your home. This will also help you act when needed in order to improve the air quality of your home.

Furthermore, while no pricing information has been disclosed just yet, it is likely that the cost of the Vindstyrka will be highly competitive since Ikea is known for producing affordable products. In addition, Ikea has also created their new app which is called Dirigera and will cost $69. This app was specifically created with the Vindstyrka in mind and it will help you understand and control your home’s air quality.

The Dirigera hub is also Matter-ready meaning that it will be able to control and be controlled by devices that are also part of the Matter-standard. This could allow the sensor to connect to and control any Matter-compatible device in any Matter-compatible ecosystem. For example, the sensor could be connected to an Amazon Smart Thermostat using Alexa in order to change the climate of your home.

Also, the Vindstyrka should prove to be more expensive than another one of Ikea’s non-connected air quality sensor, Vindriktning, which costs $16. This sensor only measures PM2.5 with an LED light that shows you the air quality but does not provide an app. The new Vindstyrka, however, not only measures PM2.5, but also temperature, humidity, and total volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Using this device will help you have better control over your home’s air quality. It is quite comparative to other air quality monitors, like the Airthings 2960 View which measures everything the Vindstyrka can plus CO2 and radon and has a screen but costs $300. Additionally, there is the Sensibo’s Elements which is $179 but it does not have a screen. On the cheaper end, you can find Amazon’s Smart AQ Monitor which has similar monitoring capabilities but doesn’t have a screen, it only costs $70. You can also find the Aqara’s small indoor air quality monitor which is only $45 but requires a hub and the sensor cannot measure PM2.5.

Since the announcement of the Vindstyrka, it has become very apparent that this is a revolutionary and perfect device for anyone who is concerned about their home’s air quality. Knowing this, it is possible that the Vindstyrka could be anywhere from $60 to $80 when it launches in April as we should then have more pricing information. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the launch so that we can get access to the perfect device for controlling our home’s air quality!

It is clear this revolutionary air quality monitor from Ikea, the Vindstyrka, is the perfect solution for anyone who is concerned about maintaining optimal levels of air quality in their home. The monitor’s impressive capabilities combined with a competitive price means that this device will be a great choice for anyone who values environmental awareness and comfort. Be sure to keep an eye out during the month of April to learn more about the pricing of this device and how it will help you improve your home’s air quality!

Comment below with your thoughts on the revolutionary Vindstyrka!

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