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Genius Scan iOS App Adds Auto Expense Reports, Document Type Identification, and More

March 23, 2023
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The award-winning iOS app Genius Scan released its 7.4 update today for iPhone and iPad, bringing several incredibly useful features. The Grizzly Labs, the developer behind this feature-packed app, provided a full list of the new features and specifications available in the update.

The highlight of the update is the ability to create an automated expense report – something that requires a Genius Scan Ultra subscription in order to access. With this feature, Genius Scan transcribes and sorts the critical information once a receipt is scanned and allows users to review and edit the detected details. Furthermore, users are now able to customize their expense reports with their name, company name and/or VAT number and even additional fields if needed.

In addition, two more changes were added – first, a new export screen that is simpler and easier to use, and second, an overhauled scan edit panel which is significantly more intuitive.

The document type detection is yet another useful new feature. Now, when scanning a receipt or business card, the app will automatically recognize the document type and suggest appropriate actions such as exporting in the appropriate format or editing options.

Genius Scan is a free download from the App Store with an in-app subscription of $0.99 or $2.99/month to unlock all of the advanced features, including the updated version as of today.

From receipts to business cards and now even PDF/Excel expense reports, Genius Scan makes life simpler and is a must-have in any busy person’s app arsenal. Check out the update today and make sure to share your experience with Genius Scan with us in the comments section below.

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