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Why Microsoft Can’t be Trusted with Sony’s Call of Duty After Starfield Exclusivity Promise

March 13, 2023
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Sony has taken a stance against Microsoft’s promises to keep Call of Duty multi-platform, and their argument revolves around the Redmond giant’s handling of Starfield. Microsoft announced back in 2018 that the long anticipated sci-fi RPG, which was developed by Bethesda, would be a console exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S, causing Sony to doubt their ability to keep future agreements with Activision Blizzard.

Sony has now registered a formal complaint with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, saying that Microsoft’s promise to keep the popular shooter series, Call of Duty, multi-platform should not be trusted. The console maker is pointing to Starfield’s status as a Xbox exclusive, which likely violates Microsoft’s pledge to European Commission back in 2018 of not having “the incentive” to limit making Bethesda-made games available on multiple platforms.

While Starfield was never explicitly confirmed to come to PlayStation platforms, Sony argues that there was the implication of an eventual release that was taken away from them. The UK’s CMA has yet to make any final judgements on the proposed Activision Blizzard deal as a result of Sony’s claims, and so we remain in a state of uncertainty until the UK’s regulatory body makes a conclusive decision.

As for gamers, there may be little that can be done, but the community can still familiarize themselves with the upcoming titles that have been confirmed to arrive on the Xbox Series X/S. By heading to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide, gamers can get a look at all the titles that have been officially announced to join the console’s library in the future.

It’s worth noting that Sony’s claims are just allegations at this point, but it’s worth being aware of exactly what’s happening as it could possibly have an effect on the future of Call of Duty on other platforms. It’s uncertain how the CMA will rule on Microsoft’s proposed Activision Blizzard deal, but the future certainly looks uncertain.

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