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Striking New Ships from Highly Anticipated Steam Space RTS Game Revealed

February 26, 2023
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The allure of the unknown stars and unchartered galaxies has always been a powerful draw. Who wouldn’t want to join a daring mission of discovery, with all the risk, reward and adrenaline-filled danger such a mission brings? With the release of Falling Frontier, the newest action RTS game from Stutter Fox Studios and strategy publisher Hooded Horse, players get to experience just such an adrenaline fueled journey through a magnificent and unexplored universe – but with some bonuses along the way.

The game is made even more impressive with the introduction of the Sukula-class Mining Barge, a detailed and stunning design from incoming artist Aleksandre Lortkipanidze, joined the studio. The game’s updated UI and tactical waypoint systems adds even more layers to the already engaging, tactical play.

Players of Falling Frontier will receive the full spectrum of action/RTS gaming vehicle possibilities as they journey through space and explore, manage intel and play tactical ship battles against hostile forces. The Sukula-class Mining Barge is just the tip of the interstellar iceberg. As you can expect, players can use the Barge to collect resources and embark on a variety of strategic missions to explore, discover and thrive in the universe.

But the fun in this universe doesn’t stop there. The game’s gameplay trailer offers a sneak peek at Falling Frontier’s new waypoint system and updated UI along with plenty of in-game obstacles to avoid. With adjustable waypoints, players will be able to quickly and easily plot out a course for their ships and make as many tweaks as it takes for success. When it comes to obstacles, you can expect your ship to carefully navigate around and avoid crashing into bigger objects – like other ships!

Falling Frontier offers a richer game experience thanks to the deep mechanics and systems that require a careful balancing of resources exploration, supply depots and the addition of individual crew members. It’s also an immersive universe that’s filled with gorgeous visuals – from the Sukula-class Mining Barge’s intricate artwork to the procedurally generated star system. Prepare to explore, discover and thrive this 2023 on PC, GOG and the Epic Games Store when the game launches on Early Access.

So make sure to stay tuned to PCGamesN and other sources to get the latest updates and news about Falling Frontier and other highly-anticipated games. Get ready to immerse yourself in this unknown universe, outsmart hostile forces, and explore to your heart’s content! Sign up on the website and follow on social media for more information as the momentous launch nears.

What’s on offer in the amazing universe of Falling Frontier? A mix of tactical risk and rewards, stunning visual graphics enhanced with intricate artwork, adjustable waypoints and UI -all adding to an already delightful and deep gaming experience. Find out more now and prepare yourself for the ultimate journey in galactic discovery and spaceship navigational mastery, launching via Steam Early Access in 2023. Will you be ready for the challenge?

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