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Hackers Obtain Logins for Apple and Other Data Centers, Potentially Gaining Physical Access

February 21, 2023
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In a shock revelation, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies has uncovered a major attack in which hackers managed to access login credentials of two of the largest data center operators in Asia, which were being used by some of the world’s biggest businesses.

The information, which was obtained by a leading cybersecurity research firm, included credentials for companies such as Apple Inc., Inc., BMW AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Microsoft Corp., and Walmart Inc.

One of the major concerns from this attack is that the hackers were able to access the customer support systems, meaning that they may have had access to security cameras as well as physical access to servers.

This recent attack, which happened late last year but was only revealed recently, highlights the vulnerability of global computer networks and the need for companies to remain vigilant.

The significance of the attack

At this point, it is unclear what level of access the hackers had to the customer support logins, though the fact that they were able to access surveillance cameras gives us a clue. What is clear is that the hackers were potentially able to gain physical access to servers, which could cause significant disruption and damage.

Malcolm Harkins, former chief security and privacy offer of Intel Corp, said, “The physical security of IT equipment in third-party data centers and the systems for controlling access to them represent vulnerabilities that are often overlooked by corporate security departments. Any tampering of data center equipment could have devastating consequences.”

As Bloomberg reports, both data center operators forced password resets in January this year, which ultimately locked out the hackers, meaning that the impact may have been limited.

However, few companies have commented, with only BMW saying that the attack had “a very limited impact.”

The need for further investigation

With the companies affected being some of the biggest in the world, it is essential that further investigation is conducted in order to identify the level of access that the hackers had, as well as to determine if any customer data has been compromised.

It is important that companies become more aware of their cyber security and the vulnerabilities that come with using third-party operators. While cloud service providers can offer excellent scalability, there must be a certain level of due diligence conducted by businesses, to ensure that security is not compromised.

At the moment, it is unclear how the hackers were able to gain access and whether it was due to poor access control or authentication mechanisms.

It is essential that companies are aware of the importance of cyber security and take the necessary steps towards protecting themselves. This includes utilizing solutions such as two-factor authentication and establishing secure policies and procedures.


This news highlights the growing menace of cybercrime and the need for all companies to ensure they are taking the right steps to ensure their data is secure.

Although it is not clear how the hacking occurred or what data was compromised, it is important that companies remain mindful of the need to protect their data and take the necessary precautions to do so.

This revelation serves as a reminder that all companies, regardless of size, must take the necessary steps to protect their data and prevent unauthorized access.

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