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AirTag thwarts Carjacking Due to Driver’s Inability to Operate Manual Transmission

March 22, 2023
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A 25-year-old man learned the hard way to never attempt to carjack a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. The incident occurred in Chicago and highlights the effectiveness of Apple’s AirTag item tracker.
According to reports, Andrew Moran was unable to make the Audi A3 he was attempting to carjack move due to his lack of knowledge on how to operate a stick shift car. The victim, believing Moran had a gun in his pocket, got out of the car and called the police from a nearby store.
Moran fled the scene while the police sirens grew louder, and that’s when the victim’s keys – which had an AirTag attached – became key in the investigation. The item was tracked via the Find My app which allowed police to intercept an inbound train at the Addison station, resulting in Moran’s arrest.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only consequence that Moran faced. Police reports allege he committed aggravated battery of peace officers on top of vehicular hijacking charges, given he spat in an officer’s face and kicked other officers.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder to never attempt to carjack a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission and to never flee with an AirTag attached to a victims’ keys. These may seem like self-explanatory rules, but it is worth highlighting for those who haven’t learned this lesson.

Apple’s AirTag item tracker is proving to be a powerful tool to help combat the rising trend of carjacking and other vehicle related thefts. With the right laws and regulations implemented, it could become a staple in helping to put an end to these type of crimes while safeguarding the public.

Have you ever seen a situation like this in your city? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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