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‘Bluesky’ by Jack Dorsey Now Available on the App Store – Invitation Needed

March 4, 2023
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In May 2022, former Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey made an announcement that he had been working on a new and revolutionary social network – Bluesky. This platform is not just any other social network – it is decentralized, meaning it’s not controlled by a single company or person. With this announcement, the entire world was quickly excited and looking forward to the release of this social network.

This week marked the official launch of Bluesky on the App Store for the iPhone. While anyone can find the app on the App Store, users will still need an invitation code to sign up. The official website for Bluesky provides a way for people to enter their email address to join the waitlist in hopes of getting an invitation code.

Under the hood, Bluesky is based on the AT Protocol (previously called ADX or Authenticated Transfer Protocol), similarly to the protocol used by Mastodon. Mastodon, a social network that is similar to Twitter in some ways, has recently gained more attention due to the fact that since Twitter’s acquisition in 2022, they have been making arbitrary decisions such as banning 3rd parties from their APIs and pushing paid features.

It’s clear that Jack Dorsey is using the wave of dissatisfaction with Twitter in order to promote his new social network. Although it is still unclear when Bluesky will be available to everyone, the launch of their app on the App Store points towards it being sooner rather than later.

Save yourself a spot in line to get your invitation code by joining the waiting list and be ready to join the new world of social media. Comment and let us know if you already have your invitation code so that others may get their soon.

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