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Celebrating 10 Years of Service: The Benefits of Being an Apple Employee

February 23, 2023
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It is no secret that staying with the same company for many years is not easy. Success is often part and parcel of a journey where there are high-staked risks and challenges. Nevertheless, sticking with it and exhibiting loyalty may lead to rewards by the institution that one chooses to serve. Just how much value is placed on the work of loyal employees? Apple, the behemoth tech company, recently revealed what they produce of employees that successfully complete a certain number of years at the business.

A recent YouTube video by the user DongleBookPro unveiled Apple’s milestone achievements and rewards package that was presented to a long-time employee. This lucrative reward is a square aluminum slab inscribed with the employee’s name, date of joining and the number 10 which is a symbolic representation of the employee achieving 10 years with the company.

Apple has a long-standing reputation for utilizing the best resources for their products and the same can be said for the slab. Their 6,000 series aluminum is renowned for its strength and enduring quality which is why it is used widely in their other products such as their iconic iPhones and MacBooks.

On top of this, the reward package also contained a valuable item for any tech enthusiast – a polishing cloth crafted from 100% organic cotton and printed with the signature Apple logo. While some argue that this gift has a rather hefty price tag of $19, the piece of fabric is an excellent tool when cleaning and maintaining any number of tech gadgets.

The box in which the items were presented contained a personal, signed letter from Apple CEO Tim Cook. The note praised the employee for his efforts, proclaiming that his work and dedication had added to Apple’s mission of bringing change in the world. The words are no doubt heart-warming and a testament to Apple’s appreciation of hard-working staff.

While Apple usually opts to keep the layoffs to a minimum while looking for other ways to reduce costs, hundreds of contract workers who were employed by third-party companies to work on projects alongside Apple’s own staff were recently fired.

If you value loyalty and hard work, Apple is one of the few companies left that rewards their employees for long years of service. However, times currently are hard for contract workers in the tech scene and new challenges seem to be arising. Nonetheless, it is comforting to know that there is still an emphasis on loyalty and reward in the corporate world.

What do you think of Apple’s rewards package? How do you think they should proceed to ensure job security and honest payment for contract workers? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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