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iOS 16.4 Beta: Updates to Shortcuts for Stage Manager, Intercom, VPN, and Always-On Display

February 20, 2023
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The world of Apple’s operating systems just got a bit more exciting! If you’re an avid user of Shortcuts, you’ll want to know what’s new in the latest iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.4, and watchOS 9.4 betas. Well, the Shortcuts community eagerly downloaded the new betas to get the exclusive scoop. And it turns out, there’s a lot happening with the new betas!

Reddit’s r/shortcuts moderator, u/ibanks3, has made a full list of all the new actions discovered in the betas, linked with screenshots. So if you don’t have the new beta yet, you’ll still be able to view photos of the new features. Currently, here’s the list found so far:

1. Silence Unknown Callers
2. Set Stage Manager
3. Set True Tone
4. Set Announce Notifications
5. Shut Down
6. Lock Screen
7. Set Always on Display
8. Intercom
9. Set VPN
10. Set Airdrop Receiving
11. Set Night Shift

These new actions are sure to open up a world of possibilities for Shortcuts users, unlocking the ability to customize their devices in more ways than ever. With the public release of iOS 16.4 just around the corner, experienced Shortcut users are likely going to be given an opportunity to test and share the new creations they make with the new actions. If you’re not an expert in Shortcuts yet, now is the best time to learn with the new beta so you’re prepared for use when it is released to the public.

And not only do the betas offer users the chance to expand their knowledge and capabilities, but it’s also the optimal time for users who have encountered bugs or other issues to submit feedback to Apple. Depending on how much time Apple puts in, depending on user reports, some of the bugs submitted via feedback could actually be fixed in the beta release! So if you’ve stumbled on a bug or glitch, don’t hesitate to report it to Apple.

No matter if you’re a veteran to the Shortcuts world, a novice, or just curious, the new release from Apple has something to offer everyone. Be sure to test out the new betas and all the new possibilities that come along with them. With so many features to explore, you’re sure to be delighted nonetheless!

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