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Apple Cracking Down on Work-From-Home Employees with Attendance Badges

March 22, 2023
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Apple is reportedly cracking down on its in-person work requirements. According to an inside source, the tech giant is monitoring employee attendance and has apparently implemented a system of escalating warnings for those failing to adhere to the in-person work requirements.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also reported on the financial efforts Apple is making in order to cut costs. Among them is enforcing stricter in-person work requirements, with some businesses within the organization claiming that violation of this rule can lead to termination.

The company’s policies have changed frequently through the pandemic, starting with compliant return to the office and continuing on. For the last several months, Apple has required in-person work at least three times per week, with individual teams occasionally having the autonomy to require more days on-site.

However, a recent change in January saw Apple remove its requirement that employees be tested for Covid-19 before entering the office. This suggests that the company may be relying more heavily on monitoring employee attendance and working to ensure they attend the office as much as possible.

For employees who are still facing the requirement of mandatory in-person work, it may become increasingly difficult to remain compliant with these rules. It is imperative that businesses understand the importance of accommodating their employees and respecting the health and safety of their staff as the pandemic continues.

It is unclear how much leniency Apple is allowing for remote work, however, it is clear that the company is continuing to prioritize cost savings as part of its efforts to park ahead of the pandemic.

For employees of Apple, as well as employees of companies following suit, it’s important to check in with HR departments to understand the recent policy changes and make sure to follow them correctly.

With businesses across the globe still operating in the midst of the pandemic, it’s vital to understand the policy changes and remain compliant with in-person work requirements in order to safeguard job security. What do you think of Apple’s policy making it mandatory to attend the office three times per week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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