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PSA: Don’t Steal – AirPods are Like AirTags

March 24, 2023
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We all know how valuable Apple products can be when it comes to tracking and finding lost items. AirTag is one such device, capable of linking up with Apple’s Find My network and helping people find their own products. However, one woman recently experienced another Apple device going to incredible lengths to attempt to track her lost item: her AirPods.

Alisabeth Hayden, who was flying from Tokyo to San Francisco, soon realized after landing that she had left a beloved leather jacket behind in the plane. When she asked the flight attendant if she could go back to retrieve her item, she was rebuffed, and instead was told that the item would be brought to her. When the jacket was brought back, she realized that her AirPods were no longer in the pocket, as she had last recalled.

With the help of Apple’s Find My network, Hayden was able to start tracking the wireless earbuds – which were still located at the airport upon opening the app. But then, the AirPods started to move, eventually stopping at a residential home in San Mateo, the Bay Area. Upon completing this realization, Hayden notified United and SFO Airport, but there was no remedy to the situation from their end.

It was then that Hayden took the matter into her own hands and contacted the San Mateo police. A detective eventually confirmed Hayden’s findings – that her stolen AirPods had stopped at an airport employee’s home – and questioned the individual in question. To the detective’s surprise, the employee confessed that he had been given them by an airplane cleaner.

Many days later, Hayden was able to get the AirPods back. However, they were in poor condition, and United gave her $271.91 and 5,000 bonus miles in compensation. Though the AirPods are not as expensive of an item as an iPhone or iPad, Hayden felt she was justified in going to such bothersome lengths to recover her item, as she felt it was up to her to get it back.

This story is an incredible example of the dedication and commitment one can show for their own property, and the lengths that Find My network is willing to go to ensure the return of Apple devices. Though the AirPods were ultimately able to be found, this event serves as an important reminder for travellers to be vigilant in their belongings and to always double check for items before leaving a flight.

At the same time, it also serves as an example of how important it is to understand the capabilities of a product and how it can help to protect your items. In a world of constantly changing technology and increased connectivity, safety always comes first. So, think twice before leaving your wireless earbuds behind and make sure you have the proper tools in place in case you do.

Have you ever experienced a similar event to the one described in this post? What measures have you taken in order to keep your items safe while travelling? Let us know in the comments below!

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