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China monitoring AI development as ChatGPT Mania Grows

February 26, 2023
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China is rapidly moving towards embracing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, with the Chinese government now introducing new rules and regulations to govern the use of AI across different industries. According to the remarks made by Science Minister Wang Zhigang on Friday, the move seeks to regulate emergent technologies such as the OpenAI ChatGPT bot which has been captivating users since its rollout.

The government hopes to promote the safe and controllable use of AI services while also paying close attention to the ethical concerns that come with using this transformative new technology. Because of the potential for using algorithmic control over content that has seen some service providers shut down, regulators have been monitoring the usage of AI-related services to prevent any unfortunate occurrences.

These regulations are likely intended to ensure that AI-related services remain in line with the Communist Party’scensorship of sensitive topics. However,the implementation of these regulations could also prove to be a huge boon for companies developing AI technology such as Baidu Inc.,360 Security Technology Inc., and Cambricon Technologies Corp. which have all seen their stocks soar following the announcement.

AI technology has become a major battleground between the United States and China, which is racing to gain the technological edge when it comes to training these systems. This competition has spurred tech giants like Microsoft and Google to develop AI-based bots to supplement services such as Bing and Google’s Bard.

However, the Chinese government has yet to provide a clear indication of how it views private sector involvement in this sensitive field, with recent reviews of firms like Ant Group Co. and Alibaba indicating an underlying suspicion of their influence. Users of ChatGPT have also raised concerns over the potential for the misuse of this technology, as well as the possibility for its displacement of humans at work.

It will likely take some time for the Chinese government to provide a sufficient framework for regulating AI technology, as Wang indicates that “the regulatory measures will come after we understand the technology”. Nevertheless, the potential for AI technology remains promising, with AI applications from finance to healthcare continuing to be explored by corporations. As long as the ethical concerns remain in check,the roll-out of rules aimed at maintaining a safe application of AI technology could be the major boost its developers need to begin transforming our future.

AI technology is undoubtedly the next major disrupting force that stands to completely revolutionize many aspects of our lives. If China is able to facilitate the safe and ethical rule of AI technology, then it could be well on its way to establish a pioneering role in the development of AI-related fields. We will have to wait and see how successful China is at rolling out its regulations and if it will be able to realize the full potential of such a pivotal technology. Comment your thoughts on the potential of AI technology and its implications on our different industries.

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